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Gem Elixirs Super-Amplified
with Subtle Energy Technology

Gem Elixirs with subtle energy amplification Dr. Yury Kronn, creator of Vital Force Technology (VFT), is able to generate, transmit and amplify an unlimited variety of patterns of Subtle Energy, called Chi by Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy, or called Prana by Ayurveda, and recognized by all Eastern Traditions as the life sustaining force of the universe. Using VFT, Dr. Kronn developed methods of copying the energy patterns of gems, crystals, herbs and other substances and infusing them into concentrated trace minerals and other carriers of Subtle Energy.

The ability of gemstones to invigorate the spirit, balance the emotions and heal the body has been known since ancient times. What kind of energy do they possess that gives them these healing properties? How does this energy relate to human structure? Can modern medical science use the healing properties of gems and crystals? Is it possible to bring the energies of the world's best gems, crystals and minerals to millions of people?

With the permission of the Roxy Ann Gem and Mineral Society, Dr. Kronn has created Gem Elixirs from many of the beautiful crystals and minerals from the Crater Rock Museum, known to be among the world's best samples of their kind. Try the Trinity Elixirs and feel the energies of the beautiful gems and crystals of the Crater Rock Museum.

Don't miss this first ever opportunity to have World Class Gem, Crystal, as Elixirs! (Photos of the gemstones used in the process)

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Each bottle of Trinity Elixirs is 1 ounce of ionic mineral solution, which is extremely salty tasting. We recommend 5-10 drops of the elixir in at least 4 oz. of water or tea. You can also put the solution on food, or even rub it into your skin. The effect is the same. If you become uncomfortable with the dose you took, simply cut it in half, and experiment with the dosage that is best for you. One ounce of the elixir is about a 30-day supply at 10 drops per day.

The solution's potency is unaffected by heat or cold, so may be boiled or frozen, nor is it affected by time. As many has nine years has passed without a subtle energy solution losing any potency. The effect appears to be permanent.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any dosing questions you may have, and we would love to hear of your successes! Call : 971-269-7050.


Super Pack We've put together synergistic combinations of gem elixirs, Vital Force Crystals, and other subtle-energy-infused formulas to help you really break through to a new level in your life. We call them SUPER PACKS. Choose from "Success and Prosperity", "Maximum Clarity", "Greater Love", "No Fear" and more! Save 15% by buying the pack, and really get your bang for the buck!


My favorite Energy Tools product is definitely the Peridot Gem Elixir. Peridot, in my experience, has a broad range of beneficial applications for health and energy improvement. In my practice, I have used Peridot extensively to assist clients with gallbladder complaints, various heart issues or imbalances, anemia, and poor oxygenation, as well as some thymus, lung and spleen issues. Also, it seems to help some people overcome hypochondria. I've seen those who struggle with self-responsibility use Peridot to become more responsible and to forgive themselves and others. I believe that gemstones carry concentrated light and sound as their signature benefit to all life. The qualities of Peridot assist people to purify the subtle energy bodies--especially from guilt and patterns of resentment. Simultaneously, Peridot protects the aura, imparts a sense of well-being, improves one's energy field, and has beneficial effects on those around us. My clients tell me that Peridot seems to impart "happiness" as they have expressed it. When I use Peridot, I notice a brighter state of joy and well-being. That includes better overall health and hopefulness and a sense of loving support. Knowing that Dr. Yury has found a way to harness and use the qualities of the gemstone tools without having to eat them reassures me. I am so very grateful to you all for your sharing of this genius with us. Anne Vogler, CRA Nutritionist [8.1.13]

I received the ordered elixirs a few days ago and yesterday I tried the COSMIC EYE elixir going into meditation with a specific question in mind. Shortly after dosing with the drops, a shiver went through my whole body, I felt shaky, then I broke into tears, not from sadness, but from being overwhelmed by the feelings. Then quiet and peace settled in and I experienced deep insight into the topic in question. This is amazing and I thank you and Dr. Yury for bringing these elixirs into the lives of Human Beings. With love, Lydia [12.16.06]

I am truly loving your products! First, let me tell you about the elixirs. I've been using the Topaz and the Emerald elixirs everyday. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect and I honestly thought that any noticable changes would be subtle. One of the first things that I noticed within days of using the elixirs, was my overall well-being. I wasn't getting upset or edgy or frustrated at work. In fact, I was walking around wondering why everyone else couldn't just calm down. And no more road rage during my morning commute to work. (smile) I also noticed that I'm either more in tune to my present surroundings, or my memory has improved greatly. I've been locating things that I haven't been able to find for months! In fact, all I have to do is think... where is that or I need... and without thinking even for a minute, I'll walk right over to the thing and put my hand on it. THAT ALONE is worth mentioning! As I get older (turning 49 on 4/4), I've noticed that I'm losing track of things physically and mentally. But lately, I've been feeling 20 again! One more thing that I've noticed, is my ability to remember my dreams. They are so vivid that I can write them down after I awake. I am looking forward to trying the Amber and the Seraphinite elixirs. -- Gwen Maddox [4.6.10]

Hello Shay. I did notice some surprising benefits the first week of taking the elixirs (from the Meditation Elixir Set). I noticed that my dreams were more vivid and colorful, and they seem to have a more prophetic quality to them. I also noticed an increase in my creativity; I invented a new type of service having to do with the imagination. Plans for the business idea unfolded to me spontaneously, and I think the elixirs are providing some kind of chi or subtle energy flow to enhance my creative gifts. I also just moved to Portland, and I was planning to look for work by a systematic effort; but I landed a job instantly without trying after starting the elixirs. The really amazing thing is the job is in the area of holistic nutrition and permaculture farming, something I had planned to get into eventually, but it has already manifested. It's really very amazing! Whatever you guys and gals at Pure Energy Rx are putting in your elixirs, it really works. I plan to continue taking your elixirs. I want to try the other ones, but I know the ones I purchased was really a solid right choice, especially at this time in my life. Thanks! -- Verdell Duhart [5.15.10]

Just writing you to let you know that it's been a long journey of rebuilding my life from ground-zero of the radical changes that have happened over the past year. Things are gradually improving for me now. I believe the subtle energy mandala that evolved from my taking the various gem elixirs I was taking contributed to this radical transformation of me as a living being. Consider me one of your eternal customers and an old friend to boot. -- Verdell Duhart [4.12.11]

GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with our products, return them for a full refund of your original purchase amount.

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